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ISBN: 978-0-9825695-5-9  

poverty *suicide *mental illness *alcoholism * the Holocaust * cancer *autism *sexual abuse*missionary work*adventure*creating a business *finding faith and purpose...and more

I’m so glad to see K.C. in such a great place and I’ll always be here for him… because of his heart. He has found others with similar hearts and has interviewed them for this book. I hope you enjoy it. " David Arquette (Excerpt from the foreword)

KC Armstrong, former cast member of the Howard Stern show, has done a 180 degree turn with his life. He owns his own radio station,'s Most Amazing People), which is designed to inspire and celebrate the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.  

The book Simply Amazing is a collection of eleven (11) of K.C. Armstrong's most touching interviews. You'll hear from survivors of life's toughest challenges-people who use their courage to turn these experiences into benefits for you and me. 

Thank you to all 11 authors for providing true, upbeat interviews which affirm the strength we can all tap that sits at the very depths of our souls.

Celebrating the triumph of spirit over adversity