SIMPLY AMAZING BOOK, Special Announcement from KC... ​ I am absolutely floored by the response to this book! I am so happy about how well received it has been and all of the people who are rallying behind this project. I only ask that everyone please be patient as we try to meet the incredible demand. Thanks again for all your support. I love you guys! - KC

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"I’m so glad to see KC in such a great place and I’ll always be here for him… because of his heart. He has found others with similar hearts and has interviewed them for this book. I hope you enjoy it. " - David Arquette, Excerpt from the foreword

KC Armstrong, former cast member of the Howard Stern Show, has done a 180 degree turn with his life. He is now the proud owner of WMAP Radio, a station dedicated to inspiring and celebrating the triumph of human spirit over adversity. He interviews people who have faced incredible hardships only to become a greater version of themselves in the process, sharing their stories from the first person perspective. There is no better way to describe the journey of the soul as it meets and defeats life's challenges but to say - Simply Amazing!

11 Simply Amazing People + 11 Simply Amazing Stories = 1 SIMPLY AMAZING Book!

Holocaust survivor who teaches children to be kind • Cancer survivor who helps others going through the same ordeal through fitness, nutrition, yoga and art • Street kid surrounded by violence who goes on to earn a college FB scholarship and helps at-risk kids • A successful businessman who turns the emptiness in his life into generosity • A woman who climbs Kilimanjaro for a personal challenge, but finds her true mission with Africa's children • The mother of an autistic son who now helps other parents navigate the confusing roller coaster of emotions and choices through her Autism Academy • The British woman who comes to terms with her borderline personality disorder through an alternative, drug-free community and recreates herself as a performer and vocalist • The stage 4 cancer survivor who found alternative treatment and councils others to believe in and cherish themselves • The poor farm boy who struggles to create a strong business with only hard work and a dream • The woman who survives her desperate suicide attempt as a paraplegic but is grateful for the opportunity to now publish books and help others get through their dark days • The vet who gives up her comfortable life to open a much-needed clinic in remote Alaska with entertaining stories of animal behavior  

...And the book is tied together by Armstrong's recovery and re-dedication to his life of uplifting others. Unlike the books of other former Stern staffers, Simply Amazing has only positive sentiments concerning his time with Stern.